belize all inclusive group vacations

Belize All Inclusive Group Vacation Packages

Share the ultimate all inclusive group vacation experience with friends & family in paradise!

Wouldn’t it be great to escape life’s hustle and bustle to reward yourself and your friends with the vacation of a lifetime? For over 20 years, Coco Plum Island Resort has been the premiere destination for Belize all inclusive group vacations. Planning a large group getaway can be daunting – whether it be an epic bachelorette trip, a girlfriends’ reunion of sorts, or a couples retreat with your closet buddies – organizing travel, accommodations, and various activities & events for a large group presents a wide variety of considerations.

Let Coco Plum Island be your guide …Trust us, we know that there’s nothing worse than constantly having to divide expenses or plan different itineraries for a large group. At Coco Plum Island, your group getaway can be whatever you want it to be. That’s why our Belize all inclusive group vacation packages are a saving grace as they include oceanfront accommodations, meals & unlimited local alcoholic drinks, adventure tours, and all taxes and fees.

Relax on your Belize Group Vacation

Relax on your Belize Group Vacation

Need to convince your gal pals to seal the deal? Start with the locale. Forget your steepest stilettos and the glitzy pool — this private island paradise is a place to simply be. At the end of the day if you’re not barefoot, you’re overdressed! You’d be hard-pressed to find a more exotic setting than a pristine private island surrounded by water so clear you can see the sandy bottom. And the best part? Skip the jet lag and pricy flights that come with a private island escape. With direct, nonstop flights from many US and Canadian cities, getting to Belize couldn’t be easier.

Coordinating with friends and family is essentially effortless, with most excursions and activities included in the All Inclusive Package. You can get your adrenaline pumping with our inland and island Belize adventure tours. From a sensational flight as you zip line smoothly through the lush and tropical rainforest to exploring one of the ancient Mayan Ruins of Belize, Xunantunich or “Stone Woman” to donning a mask and fins as you slip into the waters of the peaceful bright aquatic Caribbean Sea. These group tours will sweep you off your feet — both literally and figuratively.

Belize sunset - Group Trip

Enjoy the Sunset over the Carribean

Not interested in tours and want to be out on the beach Just Chillin’ on your very own private island nirvana? It’s ok. You can unwind, catch up and celebrate friendship in this glorious, warm-weather destination, where moods are up and defenses are down making it easy to bond with your besties and even make new friends. Whether you and your group want to sip bottomless local cocktails, paddle board, kayak or even watch the sunset as it falls deep behind the heavenly elevation of the Mayan Mountains from our newly built yoga deck, there are plenty of activities that keep the celebration going.

Worried about needing a bit of space during your girls trip? No problem, our island is small enough to ensure you spend great quality time together, but also offers secluded areas around the island to read a great new book or enjoy the sounds of nature as well as private and unique oceanfront accommodations. Each of Coco Plum Island’s tastefully decorated cabanas are decked in happy tones of red, pink, blue, and green with large front porches offering views of the spectacular Caribbean Sea. Each porch also comes equipped with chairs and a hammock, perfect for those relaxed and peaceful moments.

Belize Accommodations

Private Beachfront Cabanas

After sitting under the tropical sun getting that perfect tan you can cool off in any of our standard, suite style or premium suite style cabanas. The choice is yours. Each is equipped with air conditioning and modern amenities. Forget the television, draw the curtains and enjoy this peaceful paradise. You and your girlfriends can stock up the mini refrigerator with champagne for your morning mimosas. Don’t hesitate to ask for what you don’t see; our friendly staff will try our best to make it available to you.

Our focus on customer service is sure to tip your friends over the edge to book this vacation of a lifetime. Guests become family as our personalized service goes above and beyond to ensure that you and your friends will leave with the most memorable and fun-filled experience of your lives. So, gather your group of at least 10 persons to take advantage of our unbeatable group discount. Simply leave the rest to us.

Cheers to a hassle free Belize group vacation!

Our cabanas fill up fast, so book the finest all inclusive group getaway today. You don’t want to miss the memorable wonders Coco Plum Island Resort offers. You can also click here, we’d love to help you plan your trip or call 1-800-763-7360!

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Belize Lobster Fest

Belize Lobster Fest 2019

Hunt for lobster by day, sample savory lobster dishes by night during our Belize Lobster Fest

At Coco Plum Island Resort, the end of summer means that we’ve enjoyed days that last forever, sunburns that turn into tans, one too many Mosquito Bite cocktails, and of course, our very own annual Lobster Fest. Hosted in various locations throughout Belize, the Belize Lobster Fest is one of the most popular events in the entire country. It marks the end of the Lobster spawning season. At Coco Plum Island Resort, we host our own private lobster festival included in our Belize all inclusive packages for certain dates during the lobster season.

belize lobster fest hunting

Bring your appetite because this festival includes multitudes of lobster so delectable that you might not be able to choose. Luckily for you, the day starts of with a specialty lobster hunting tour. Your fresh lobster catch of the day is then cooked up in a variety of small servings so you’ll be able to try all different types of cooking styles, including: lobster ceviche, lobster kabobs, lobster deviled eggs, lobster fritters, and so much more. So, for all you self-proclaimed foodies who tend to plan vacations around your taste buds, Lobster Fest at Coco Plum Island Resort is the event for you.

all you can eat lobster in belize

What makes this event even more special are the festival celebrations surrounding the day. Events include friendly games & competitions, live drumming and dancing. Those with a competitive spirit will get the chance to win various prizes as well, such as a customized Lobster Fest t-shirt. End the night with our annual karaoke island party and you’re sure to get a feel for the Caribbean bacchanal celebrations. After all, who wouldn’t want to party like a local while on vacation?

Coco Plum’s annual Lobster Fest has become quite the hit and has been a successful for three years in a row. Each year, it promises to get bigger and better. Be sure to reserve your oceanfront cabana and book your all inclusive package quickly as these dates tend to fill up quickly.

Lobster Fest 2019 Dates:

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Warm Regards,

Coco Plum Bloggers

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Belize Maya Ruin Tour: Experience Xunantunich

Belize Mayan Ruin Tour

Get Ready To Explore The Xunantunich Mayan Ruin With Tour Guide, Bruno

Xunantunich is an outstanding archaeological example of the rich Mayan culture and history of Belize. On this Belize Mayan Ruin tour, you will explore and climb one of the country’s most popular Mayan temples.

Here’s what you can expect on this tour as told by Coco Plum Island Resort’s very own tour guide, Bruno.Belize Maya Ruin Tour - Meet Tour Guide: Bruno

How does the tour usually begin?

Guests will wake up to a beautiful sunrise and blissful breakfast at Coco Plum Island. This tour requires a bit of a head start as the boat departs the island at 7:30am for the mainland and is a 2 ½ hour drive. The journey through our country is surely part of the adventure as you travel from the southern coast to the western border. As we drive west along the most scenic highway in Belize, Hummingbird Highway, I encourage all visitors to take in the small villages and smiling faces along the winding hills and lush greenery of the highway, enclosed by the majestic Mayan Mountains.

Are there any special spots you like to point out during this scenic drive?

Of course! I wouldn’t be an amazing tour guide if I didn’t show off a few of my favorite local spots. Besides major tourist attractions like the Inland Blue Hole and various river systems, I also like to highlight spots that are a bit off the beaten path, such as a fresh ice cream shop and the Magnetic Mountain. I try my best to keep our guests entertained throughout the ride! History buffs will also enjoy learning about the colonization of Belize as we drive on narrow bridges built by the British settlers in 1905. These were originally train tracks and are now actually still a part of the Belize highway system.

Wow, Magnetic Mountain … sounds mysterious. Can you tell us a little bit more about this?

It is something you have to see to believe! I’ll just say that there is a certain part of the Hummingbird Highway that has majestic views as well as hidden mysteries. Imagine stopping your car at the bottom of this magnetic hill, only to slowly begin to being pulled up back the hill. Dare us to turn the engine off and you’ll see the magnetic force for yourself!

It almost doesn’t sound believable. You’ve made this drive sound so much fun! What can we expect when we get closer to our final destination?

We will arrive in the Cayo district, which is the district closet to the Guatemalan border. Here, you’ll see the Spanish and Mayan influence of the Belize culture. There will be opportunities to shop and walk around after the tour.

To get to the archaeological site of Xunantunich, we will travel on a small hand-cranked ferry across the Mopan River that flows through both Guatemala and Belize popular for kayaking, tubing, and swimming. From there we’ll begin a drive uphill as the excavated center of Xunantunich sits high atop a limestone ridge almost 600 feet above sea level.

And so it begins … What does Xunantunich mean and what is the significance of the ancient Mayan archaeological site?

As we walk through the site, we will see several mounds, plazas and a large selection of classic stelae. The entire archaeological site, named Xunantunich, literally means Maiden of the Rock. This name derives from the original discovery of the site. Legend has it that many years ago a local villager discovered the ruin after crossing the Mopan River while hunting. He saw a beautiful maiden clothed in traditional Mayan wear standing atop a tall mound. Immediately intrigued by her, he mustered up the courage to approach her. I don’t know if I would have been as brave as he! As he drew close, she disappeared. Today, many refer to the Stone Maiden as a spirit that resides in this ancient Mayan site.

However, it was not until the 1800’s that Xunantunich was officially explored by the British. Since the 1990’s, there have been continuous excavations and restorations by the Government of Belize in conjunction with the University of California. More recently in 2016, archaeologists uncovered the largest tomb to be discovered in Belize complete with skeletal remains of what is thought to be a Mayan royal.

Historically speaking, the Mayan represent a fundamental part of Belize’s modern-day culture. Xunantunich is believed to have been a strategic Mayan site throughout Central America primarily due to its location near a flowing river, hidden by the dense rainforest.

What is the most well known structure on Xunantunich?

El Castillo is the most popular pyramid that comes to mind when one thinks of Xunantunich. Standing approximately 130 feet high, it really is a sight to behold. What’s great about it is that it is one of the few Mayan sites where visitors can still climb to the top of the primary pyramid. Be ready to explore different rooms and friezes as you explore this site first hand. The hike is truly worth it as you are rewarded with expansive views stretching as far as Guatemala.

What else can visitors expect on this tour?

Expect to be wowed! You’ll be transported into another realm. I try my best to showcase a realistic and authentic picture of ancient Maya life throughout the tour. Come prepared to walk in sturdy hiking shoes or tennis shoes, bring bug spray & sunscreen, and of course, your camera for that epic selfie! At the end of the tour, we will head to Benny’s Kitchen – a favorite local spot. I recommend ordering the pibil which is traditional Belize slow roasted pork.

Awesome, we are ready to have the adventure of a lifetime!

Luckily for you, the Xunnatunich Mayan Ruin Tour is included in several Belize all inclusive packages at Coco Plum Island Resort. Read more to discover all of the Belize adventure tours we offer.

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Our Top Belize All Inclusive Vacation Packages

Is it really “all inclusive”?

To answer the million dollar question: Yes, it really is all included.

Laid back luxury at it’s finest, picture yourself on a secluded stretch of white sandy beach completely surrounded by the aquamarine and turquoise hues of the Caribbean Sea. Hop on a quick two or three hour flight from many major cities in the US to experience this adults only, awarding winning resort. Coco Plum Island Resort is located on a 16-acre private island perfectly situated approximately eight miles off the coast of Southern Belize. And yes, this little private island oasis is an all inclusive resort. What do we mean by all inclusive? Oceanfront accommodations, water sports activities, fresh cuisine, and unlimited local alcoholic beverages are standard with every stay.* Because you can never have too much of a good thing … right?

Coco Plum Island Resort offers several vacation packages to suit your needs. Are you an avid diver interested in diving the Belize Barrier Reef? We’ve got an all inclusive dive package for that! Traveling to Belize to experience some of the best fishing in the world? You can do that with us too! Just want to relax and unwind without worrying about a care in the world? Our Just Chillin’ package is your best bet. Take a look at our all inclusive packages and let us know what kind of experience interests you!

Belize All Inclusive Honeymoon/Romance Package


Coco Plum Island Resort was chosen by TripAdvisor as the #1 Hotel for Romance in Belize for two years in a row. Yes, that’s right. We are officially the Most Romantic Hotel in Belize! So you can surely trust us when we say that there is no place more romantic than this little slice of heaven on earth. At our adults only resort, couples celebrating a romantic honeymoon or special occasion will be blown away by our All Inclusive Romance Packages. Also known as the Lovers’ Getaway, standout features of these packages include a romantic candlelight dinner served on our overwater docks. Couples savor a fresh surf and turf dinner with a complimentary bottle of wine. Want to go on an inland tour and a snorkeling trip? No problem, the package price includes tours too!

You may be wondering: What’s the difference between the Honeymoon Package and the Romance/Lovers’ Getaway Package? Well, the package inclusions are identical, but we didn’t want anyone feeling left out, so we created the Romance/Lovers’ Getaway package for those couples who are not honeymooning, but who want to enjoy a romantic couples vacation nonetheless.

Belize All Inclusive Destination WeddingBelize-All-Inclusive-Destination-Wedding-Package

Dreaming of a completely unique beach wedding? Look no farther. Coco Plum Island Resort is the perfect wedding destination. Whether it be an intimate elopement, a small celebration with family and friends, or a large group, Coco Plum Island’s private island setting makes for a truly distinctive wedding location. Recite your vows on the secluded South Beach on your very own private peninsula, or tie the knot on the overwater docks as the sun sets on the horizon. We know planning a destination wedding can seem like a tedious task, but at Coco Plum Island there is no need to worry as all the details are handled by a wedding coordinator, provided by us. Belize follows traditional British Common Law, so your marriage will be legal anywhere in the world and we will handle all the paperwork. Please refer to Belize Wedding Requirements for more information. Kindly note that for the wedding couple to qualify for our wedding package; a minimum of a seven nights stay is required. Wedding guests are required to book a minimum of a four night stay. The stay is not included in the Wedding package price.

Belize All Inclusive Adventure PackageBelize-All-Inclusive-Adventure-Package

A remote piece of paradise sounds idyllic, but are you worried that you might get bored on a private island? Well, no need to! Created for those craving adventure, our All Inclusive Adventure Package is jam packed with thrilling tours. You’ll have the opportunity to experience both Belize’s beautiful, pristine sea life as well as its unspoiled jungles, caves, and rivers. Whether you choose to do everything or do nothing at all — you’ll be able to experience the best parts of Belize!

Belize All Inclusive Inland & Island PackageBelizean-Dreams-All-Inclusive-Resort

Experience the Best of Belize by combining your Coco Plum Island vacation with a stay at our sister resort, Belizean Dreams. This Belize jungle & beach package includes everything from local transportation, meals, unlimited alcoholic beverages and accommodations to adventure tours. The Inland & Island package is one of the most unique in Belize as it includes a vacation at two of Belize’s premier resorts: Coco Plum Island and Belizean Dreams. Both resorts have been recognized for superior service as locally owned and managed sister properties. We recommend spending the first half of your trip on the mainland at Belizean Dreams. This spot is the perfect hub from which to enjoy jungle tours such as hiking to the top of the Mayflower Waterfall or Cave Tubing & Zip-Lining in the jungle. End your tour of Belize at Coco Plum Island simply relaxing in plush oceanfront cabanas and lounging seaside.

Belize All Inclusive Just Chillin’ PackageBelize-All-Inclusive-Relaxation-Package

Nothing says rest & relaxation like our All Inclusive Just Chillin’ Package. There’s no need to wait in long lines or wake up early to reserve a spot on a crowded beach, instead Coco Plum Island provides a uniquely intimate setting to unplug and unwind. Spend your days basking under the Caribbean sunlight in hammocks, thatch-roofed palapas, and beach beds made for the perfect afternoon siesta. With our Just Chillin’ package, the hardest decision you’ll have to make is which unlimited all inclusive beverage to order next. Don’t want to miss the chance to experience a Belize Adventure Tour or two? We’ve got you covered. All tours can be added to this package with a la carte pricing. Just let the Reservation Team know which tours you are interested in adding and we’ll take care of the rest.

Belize All Inclusive Fishing PackageBelize-All-Inclusive-Fishing-Package

Belize is an angler’s paradise and with our All Inclusive Fishing Package there’s no shortage of opportunities to test your luck in the Caribbean Sea. Fly fishing in Belize has remained a best-kept secret until recently. Travelers appreciate Belize’s extensive flats with shallow waters and white sandy bottom, perfect for playing catch and release with the elusive permit, bonefish, and tarpons. Luckily for you, we’re located in close proximity to many of the best fly fishing flats in Belize. Skilled guides will whisk you minutes from the resort to these fishing grounds. Most of the fishing is done from the bow of the boat, but there are many flat areas that can be waded through as well. Take your time, test your patience, and be at one with the Caribbean Sea as you test your luck for the Grand Slam which makes for a one of a kind experience! The fishing package includes guided fishing tours every day of your trip along with all transfers, oceanfront accommodations, unlimited local beverages, and meals.

Belize All Inclusive Diving PackageBelize-All-Inclusive-Diving-Package

Belize is home to the second largest Barrier Reef in the world, as well as three of the four atolls in the Caribbean. Imagine gliding along the reef’s edge with nearby turtles, manta rays, and even friendly nurse sharks. There before your eyes you will find a magical underwater world, nature’s aquarium filled with diverse marine life. Belize’s magnificent Southern Barrier Reef is over 170 miles long, stretching from north to south and running nearly parallel to the coast. With over 400 species of fish, at least 70 species of hard coral, and a variety of large sponges and gorgonians, divers travel from all over the world to experience diving in Belize. We are located a quick 10-minute boat ride from the beautiful Southern Barrier Reef. Our All Inclusive Dive Package includes daily two-tank dive trips.

Belize Private Island Rental PackageRent-A-Belize-Private-Island

Don’t limit yourself to booking hotel rooms for a group vacation, your family & friends can rent the entire island. Whether you would like to host a fabulous destination wedding, family reunion or even a laid-back corporate event rental, the Private Island Rental Package will meet all your needs. Enjoy a week in paradise in which everything is taken care of: daily meals including breakfast, lunch & dinner, unlimited local drinks, accommodations, local Belize airfare to and from the Belize City airport, adventure tours and best of all: an entire Caribbean Island all to yourselves! This package features three types of cabanas, our standard cabanas, our suite style cabanas and our premium suite style cabanas and is ideal for a small group of at least 32 persons.

Ready to unplug, unwind and reconnect on a beautiful private island without a care in the world? Then Coco Plum Island is the place for you. Leave the planning to us, simply send us your dates of travel and we’ll take care of arranging your transportation to the island from Belize City as well as all of your activities and excursions. We invite you to enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life while our team provides expertly executed personalized service.

Contact our Reservation Team today, we’re here to help!

*Due to health concerns, unlimited local alcoholic beverages are not included in the Dive Package.

Warm Regards,

Coco Plum Bloggers

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UnBelizeable All Inclusive Adventure Tours at Coco Plum Island Resort

Known as “Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret,” Belize is an adventure seeker’s paradise. Did you know that Belize is geographically part of Central America and is bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the east, making Belize a country that recognized as both a Caribbean and Central America nation? Yes, that’s right – when you travel to Belize you get the best of both worlds! White sandy beach surrounded by turquoise water and the dense tropical rainforest filled with caves, waterfalls, and Mayan ruins all in one country! UnBelizeable, isn’t it?

Culturally and environmentally diverse, Belize offers a vast array of adventure tours whether that is on land or at sea. At Coco Plum Island Resort, we welcome nature lovers, adrenaline junkies, and history buffs alike, as our Belize adventure tours are the perfect addition to your vacation. An extra perk of scheduling your adventure tours with Coco Plum Island Resort is that many of the tour options are already included in our Belize all inclusive packages.

Included Adventure Tours: The following tours are included in several Coco Plum Island’s vacation packages. They can also be added à la carte to any package.

Belize Mayan Ruin Toursbelize-mayan-ruin-adventure-tours

Explore Belize’s most iconic Mayan Ruin, Xunantunich “Maiden of the Rock.” You will begin your journey by traveling west along the scenic and winding Hummingbird Highway. Getting to Xunantunich is half the fun! Discover local villages and even the nation’s capital, Belmopan, as you get a feel for everyday life in Belize. Upon arrival, you will cross the Mopan River on a hand-cranked ferry. Entering this archaeological site is inspiring as you reflect on the history and achievements of the Mayan culture. Test your fears and see if you are brave enough to hike to the top of “El Castillo,” one of the tallest structures in Belize complete with views all the way to neighboring country, Guatemala.

Belize Cave Tubing & Zip-lining ToursBelize-Zipling-Adventure-Tours

Another major part of Belize’s Mayan history and culture are the scared cave systems scattered underground in the jungle. The Belize cave tubing tour includes a guided exploration of the caves, delivered while tubing down the flowing river. You will pass through impressive sanctuaries filled with stalactites and stalagmites. Turn off your headlamps to experience complete darkness, heightening the sounds of the cascading rapids. From top to bottom, this combination tour also includes zip-lining above the rainforest canopy. Get your adrenaline pumping as you traverse from treetop to treetop, 80 feet above the forest floor with various platforms amounting to as much as 500 feet of flying.*

*This tour can also be replaced with a tour of the Belize Zoo.

Belize Snorkeling ToursBelize-Snorkeling-Tours

From land to sea, our Belize snorkeling adventure tours are perfect for those yearning to discover the largest living barrier reef in the world. Located just a few miles away from Coco Plum Island Resort, our Southern Barrier Reef snorkeling tour allows you to get up close and personal with diverse coral and marine species. Imagine swimming with schools of brightly colored fish, gliding eagle rays, or even a friendly nurse shark – now that’s a story to tell your friends back home!

Specialty Adventure ToursLobster-Hunting-in-Belize

Other Belize adventure tours not included in our all inclusive packages can be added onto your stay and booked at any time.

As a locally owned and managed resort, we surely know all the secret spots and hidden gems that Belize has to offer. From our specialty snorkeling tour to Glover’s Reef Atoll, guided fishing and scuba diving trips along the Belize Barrier Reef, to lobster and conch catching excursions, we can’t wait to show you the very best of Belize.

Staying at our Belize all inclusive resort means that you are able to enjoy both the seclusion and intimacy of a private island while exploring a variety of Belize adventures. Chill on the beach with a tropical drink one day and zip through the rainforest canopy the next!

Contact us to book your all inclusive vacation where you can be as relaxed or as adventurous as you wish.

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Warm Regards,

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We Did It Yet Again! Coco Plum Island Resort Is A TripAdvisor 2018 Hall of Fame Winner

Announced annually, TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence recognizes hospitality businesses that consistently deliver outstanding service across the world. Businesses that have received a Certificate of Excellence for five consecutive years earn the Hall of Fame honor. Coco Plum Island is excited to announce that because of positive reveiws posted by our wonderful guests for over 10 years, we have made the Hall of Fame twice. The management and staff of Coco Plum Island Resort are passionate about providing superior customer service. This award is our confirmation that our guests really do feel loved from the very start of their journey with us. tripadvisor-certificate-of-excellence-reviews

Today we’d like to share some of the love with you too! Here’s what Juliedavidson55 has to say in her review Felt like a movie star:

I told my husband that this must be what George Clooney feels like. Coco Plum was a beautiful, almost private, adult only island that exceeded our expectations! No detail was over looked. The staff was just wonderful and treated us like family (maybe even better).

Yes that’s right, from the moment you contact us, you become family, and of course “family takes care of family.” After encountering the wonderful Reservation team (all Belizean locals), you’ll want to start packing your luggage right then and there! Of course, since you booked this vacation six months in advance, you’ll have to settle for a countdown calendar sending you daily reminders of how soon you’ll arrive in paradise. Before you know it, the day is finally here. You arrive in Belize and feel that fresh Caribbean air as you step off the plane. Getting through the only international airport in Belize (airport code: BZE) is relatively simple as it’s a quick and organized process to catch your local flight to Dangriga Town, which the Reservation team has pre-arranged. In no time you’ll be flying along the shoreline of the Caribbean Sea on your short 20 minute flight via Maya Island Air. You’ll be greeted by warm smiles in Dangriga Town, then en route to your island retreat via boat. As you approach the island, you’ll see the coconut trees swaying in the wind, and what seem to be small dots slowly transitioning into people awaiting your arrival. As you get closer to this island paradise, you’ll notice that you’re surrounded by the most enchanting blend of blue-green crystal clear water. You’ve arrived and are immediately greeted by smiling faces, a cold towel, and a fresh tropical drink. arriving-to-your-belize-private-island

Leave all your worries behind, you’re officially on island time as Suzanne W. so eloquently describes the entire experience:

I’m going to review, but want to start with saying words will not do this place or its staff justice. Just book a trip – it will be the best thing you’ve done! Everything is taken care of and it starts with the smiling, singing gentleman that picks you up from the airport. Then a lovely short boat ride to the island when you are greeted with fabulous cold drinks. The island is beautiful! You feel like it is your own private island.

Whether you are celebrating a honeymoon, anniversary, family reunion or even visiting for a wedding or solo vacation, you won’t be disappointed. Knowing that your every need, both seen and unforeseen is taken care of – is what we do best. For example, one of our return guests missed their connecting flight to Belize and flew to Cancun instead. As you can imagine, these guests were in a bit of a panic and needed help. Our Reservation team kept in contact with them to ensure they arrived safely in Belize, found a place for them to spend the night, and booked their flights the following day to get to the island. Feeling a sense of relief after arriving, they praised our Reservation specialists for the love and dedication shown to them which is more than often lost by other businesses. Not too long after, these amazing guests were fishing off the docks of Coco Plum Island! All was well in the world again. belize-fishing-at-coco-plum-island-resort

This is just one of the many reasons Coco Plum Island Resort has been recognized by our guest on TripAdvisor for providing exemplary service. Don’t take our word for it! Here’s what Mikescheng has to say:

Alex is also an avid mind-reader and will bend over backwards to do anything for you.

We appreciate each guest who took the time to write their story on TripAdvisor for all to read. Our relationships with our wonderful guests and our top of the line staff make the Coco Plum Island experience unforgettable. This award is a reflection of the hard work, fun, and dedication that we put into what we do and it shows by the thousands of positive reviews. TripAdvisor acknowledges that our guests genuinely enjoy their stay with us and we are so very proud. We say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Award Winning Belize All Inclusive Resort

Summing it all up in Paradise Found, Tastebuds writes:

My wife & I truly found paradise. It is without question, the most romantic, picturesque, friendliest, fun place we’ve ever visited. Don’t wait, just go…you’ll thank me for also discovering paradise!”

We’d also like to congratulate our sister resort, Belizean Dreams Resort, for receiving the same great honor. You can surely experience the perfect combination of jungle and marine tours with our Inland and Island package. Now, isn’t that the best of both worlds? Come find out!

Start your journey to Island living with a little reading – we have over a 1,000 TripAdvisor reviews written by travelers just like you. Then go ahead and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages. We are sure you’ll start to eagerly await updates from our little island paradise. Contact us today to book your Belize all inclusive package.

Warm Regards,

Coco Plum Bloggers

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Escape To Your One Of A Kind Belize All Inclusive Resort Paradise!

“You are only a stranger till you arrive.”

Yes! Imagine arriving on this enchanting, private Belize all inclusive resort destination, which is splendidly situated on a 16 acre Caribbean island. Upon arriving, you will be welcomed by your new “family” with a delicious mosquito bite cocktail and a soothing wet cloth. Soon after, you’ll discover the dynamic, attentive and warm local staff dedicated to making your stay an unforgettable experience. Coco Plum Island easily offers you a true Belizean experience as it is one of the very few locally owned and managed resorts.

All in all, Coco Plum not only offers the best views, food, and adventures, but they offer you a home away from home, and a second family. We want to thank everyone at the Resort for everything to make our first trip to Belize the best trip of our lives. As they say, “if you don’t leave, you can’t come back” – well, we will see you all again next year!!! – TripAdvisor Review By: Taylor S.

So what exactly does Coco Plum Island Resort offer? Well…it’s unique and it’s unforgettable, it’s not just sipping on a pina colada with an infinity pool overlooking the breathtaking Caribbean Sea on a crowed beach….Nope! This sand-fringed nirvana is the perfect spot that provides you with a Caribbean home away from home, one that you’ll want to return to year after year. Forming new bonds and reconnecting with loved ones is one of the highlights of Coco Plum Island’s transformative experience as eloquently stated by fifteen time island visitors, Bonnie & Sam Ellerbee:

If you are a first time visitor to Coco Plum, you are the “new.” You will arrive at the island after a short boat ride, to be greeted by the staff with a smile and a welcome drink. Almost without exception; however, there will be other guests on the boat who have been there before. They are the “old.” They will be greeted by the staff with that same welcoming smile and drink but it will be accompanied by a huge bear hug and the words, “Welcome Back!” All too soon, you will find it is time to leave the island as your vacation is over. You will find there is no longer a “new” and an “old.” Everyone is now family. Hugs are exchanged and tears are shed as you say goodbye. You leave with wonderful memories and a sadness to leave but a firm resolution to return as soon as possible and become one of the “old” members of the Coco Plum Family.

Coco Plum Island welcomes destination weddings, engagements, honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays, family reunions – you name it. Rest assured, it’s the ideal private island beach getaway geared to provide guests with a perfect mix of fun, adventure and a unique experience to be remembered for years to come. Whether that be an adults only beach vacation, an adventurous experience, a little time to enjoy delicious food and drink with your new island family and friends or a chance to unplug, unwind and reconnect, you can be as relaxed or as adventurous as you wish.

Coco Plum is a place for romance, for new friendships, for great food, and for indescribable natural beauty. The facilities and staff are simply top notch. In short, I cannot recommend Coco Plum highly enough. Truly the best of its kind. – TripAdvisor Review By: Sam C.

Yup, there’s an array of carefully curated Belize all inclusive packages to choose from which include accommodations, meals, snack, local alcoholic beverages and boat transfers to/from the mainland. Several packages even include both inland and island adventure tours. There is no time for worrying here, we have thought of just about everything to make your Belize vacation one to remember!

Accommodations belize-all-inclusive-oceanfront-accommodations

Unwind in spacious accommodations and take in panoramic views of the hypnotizing seascape overlooking the beauty of blue Caribbean waters. Set just steps away from the Caribbean Sea, each of the 18 standalone cabanas are situated in a staggered pattern along the beach to enhance privacy. Another captivating feature worth specific mention is the island’s only two story, three bedroom/three bathroom overwater villa with its own private entrance and sunbathing deck.

Each cabana has a big porch yards from the ocean, with a chair and hammock. They are plenty far enough apart for privacy and to give you that sense of being on your own private island. – TripAdvisor Resort By: BCCali

Meals belize-all-inclusive-resort-meals

Reservations are not required at your spectacular ocean view dining area, the legendary Coco Palms Restaurant. Here you will savor mouthwatering dishes from our very own Belizean chef extraordinaire, Mrs. Jude. Forget your typical all inclusive run-of-the-mill buffet and long lines – we’re talking flavorful cuisine and Caribbean island infusion meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Don’t be shy if you can’t get enough, just ask your server for another helping.

The food is almost entirely locally sourced and organic and that combined with the brilliant chef makes for meals you will remember. There were couples going fishing while we were there and every night they came around at dinner sharing their catch. I am a vegetarian and the chef happily accommodated me. Between breakfast, lunch, bar snacks and dinner, I was so well fed and satisfied. – TripAdvisor Review By: Sarah J.

Unlimited Local Beveragesbelize-all-inclusive-resorts-with-drinks

Enjoy unlimited local mixed drinks, alcohol and beers with incredibly attentive and charming service. Behind all those perfectly shaken drinks and imaginative concoctions are the extraordinary bartenders. They truly know that bartending is not limited to just the arty flash of techniques and extensive knowledge of recipes, but most importantly includes very personable and welcoming personalities. All guests connect with these guys. Don’t be shocked when Swervin’ Ervin and Ben Franklin become your new best friends!

Ervin, bartender extraordinaire, offered to make sangria. He mixed up his special recipe (which he shared with us!), chopped lots of fruit to add and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight. It was absolutely the best sangria we have ever had!! Since he was leaving for his week off the island the next day, Ervin told us to open the remaining bottles and he would make another big batch of sangria before he left. Of course, we took him up on that offer! Again, way above and beyond! – TripAdvisor Review By: 2VABeachTravelers

Adventure Toursbelize-all-inclusive-adventure-tours

Struggling to plan the perfect Belize vacation itinerary? There’s no need to when you select one of our Belize all-inclusive packages which include several adventure tours to ensure that you experience the very best of Belize. Here’s a typical week on the island: Snorkel along the 170-mile long barrier reef on Monday, zip-line and cave tube on Tuesday, unwind with a massage on Wednesday, test your luck by fishing on Thursday, and explore the ancient Mayan Ruin of Xunantunich on Friday. Not interested in any of the tours? We’ve got that covered too with the all-inclusive Just Chillin’ Package which allows you to spend more time relaxing.

We got an all inclusive, 3 snorkels and 2 inland tours. Again, all private. Everybody works for Coco Plum and the quality of service continues even after you leave the island. – TripAdvisor Review By: Caico E.

Island Activities belize-island-activities

Grab a beach towel and lay out on one of the docks or take your sunglasses, a book and a little cooler filled with drinks to one of our secluded beach beds where you can sit back and take in the wonders of each sunny corner of Coco Plum Island. The complimentary use of kayaks, paddle boards and even a small hobie cat will have you steering your way out onto the Caribbean Sea to take in the magnificent views…views that will highlight your memories of island living and make you want to come back year after year!

We loved the quiet and calm atmosphere and the flexibility to join in the tours or just relax on the beach or in our room. We definitely recommend it for those wanting a low-key, secluded, romantic get-away and look forward to spending some time there again, during lobster season next time! – TripAdvisor Review By: Shannon L.

Additional Amenities belize-spa

From the serene and cozy Serenity Spa nestled in the mangroves on the quiet and most secluded end of the island, you can enjoy a therapeutic massage, facial, or a variety of other spa treatments. Imagine a peaceful room with rays of the Caribbean sun gently caressing your body through clear glass windows offering stunning views of tropical waters. Watch the gliding frigate birds soar over the waters while you and your partner receive a relaxed and peaceful massage.

Yes, the Serenity Spa is just one of the additional experiences you can add to your stay to make it that much more magical. And don’t forget to try out the new outdoor yoga deck overlooking the Maya Mountains. What better way to start your day than in a picturesque covered deck over the Caribbean Sea taking in a breath of cool fresh air?

I’d also highly recommend getting a massage while you’re there! The spa is a tucked away oasis with floor to ceiling windows jutting out over the water. The island is perfect for people who want to relax with a book (we did plenty of that!) or those who enjoy some adventure. It was the perfect blend. – TripAdvisor Review By: Alexandra W.

Getting Here

So, by now you’re thinking – this sounds perfect. What’s the catch? How do I get there? Well, you are in luck! Traveling to Belize is easier than ever with several nonstop flights from the United States and Canada. Did you know that we take care of everything once you have arrived in Belize City (airport code: BZE), home of the only international airport in Belize? Simply book your international airfare to Belize then send your flight details to the Reservation Team and your transfer to the island will be flawlessly arranged. Once you have arrived it’s a 20 minutes flight on a puddle jumper to Dangriga Town. During this time you will get an eagle’s view of the mix between the fifty shades of deep blue Caribbean Sea and the dense green jungle along the Belize’s coast. Before you know it, you will be on the ground at the Dangriga airport where you will be greeted by a friendly staff member who will transport you to the dock for your short 30 minute boat ride on the wavy waters of the glistening Caribbean Sea. Look up, you have arrived! You are greeted with open arms, your soothing towel and a refreshing mosquito bite cocktail.

Don’t stress about the transfers between BZE and Dangriga or the boat ride, Coco Plum makes everything simple. The office will send you information about how to proceed through the airport etc… Enjoy the short flight, you get to see how beautiful the country is! – TripAdvisor Review By: Kristin S.

TripAdvisor Awards

Still waiting for the catch? Well, don’t just take it from us – take it from previous guests, folks just like yourself who wrote all about their experiences on TripAdvisor. In fact, it is because of these amazing guest reviews that Coco Plum Island Resort is named #1 hotel in Belize and a top ranking hotel in Central America in the categories of the Best Small Hotel, Best Hotel for Romance, and Best Hotel for Service. Coco Plum Island also received the unique accolade of being awarded as one of the Top Small Hotels in the entire WORLD!

So, what are you waiting for? Think no more, this little piece of paradise is the perfect antidote for anything that ails you – a tropical wonderland with a pristine and oh-so private adults-only shimmering beach coupled with over-the-top personalized service. Everything you need is at your fingertips and there’s no need to spend precious vacation time waiting in long food lines or fighting for a nice spot on a crowded beach.

Escape today by contacting us at or calling 1-800-763-7360 for your hassle-free vacation!

Warm Regards,

Coco Plum Bloggers

Call or email our Reservations office today!


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Top Festivals in Belize

Top 5 Belize Festivals You Don’t Want To Miss

Known for its sparkling blue Caribbean shoreline and lush jungle rainforest, Belize is a tropical treasure. But, what exactly keeps visitors coming back year after year to Belize? The answer is simple really: its people.

What was once a British colony that gained independence in 1981, Belize is neighbored by several Spanish Central American countries to the west and the Belize Barrier Reef along the Caribbean to the east positioning Belize as a true melting point of various cultures. As a small nation with a little over 350,000 residents, Belize is rich with different ethnic groups such as Maya, Mestizo, Creole, Garifuna, Mennonite, Chinese, East Indian, and Lebanese all of which harmoniously co-exist by bringing distinct parts of their culture to Belize whether that be in the form of language, art, music, or food.

So, what’s the best way to experience the vibrant Belize culture? Well, there’s almost always something happening. Visitors can take part in one of the many festivals, national holidays, and events to witness the very best of Belize.

Here are The Top 5 Festivals in Belize You Shouldn’t Miss: 

  1. The Belize Lobster Festival belize-lobster-festival

    Summer in Belize kicks off with annual lobster festivals held in the major coastal towns of Belize. These weekend long beach festivals celebrate lobster in all its glory by cooking all sorts of fresh lobster delicacies and ending the day with live music and beach parties. In general, the tropical climate of summer in Belize marks the opening of various foods coming into season and lobster is no different. At Coco Plum Island Resort, we host Lobster Fest on different dates in June and July. What starts with a morning of lobster hunting ends with cooking your fresh catch of the day served in the form of a three-course meal. Bar snacks include a wide variety of lobster cooked in almost any way you can think of including: lobster fritters, lobster ceviche, lobster bruschetta and many more. Enjoy live entertainment by local drummers and dancers along with friendly competitions hosted by Lord Byron. You don’t want to miss this explosion of Belizean culture.

    Dates for 2018 Lobster Fest: June 20, June 27, July 4, and July 11.

  2. The Hopkins Mango Festival hopkins-belize-mango-festival

    Did you know that Belize is home to over 20 varieties of mangoes? Number Eleven Mangoes, Julie Mangoes, Blue Mangoes, Thundershock Mangoes – you name it and Belize has it. As mangoes begin coming into season throughout the country of Belize, you’ll see many locals cooling down with a refreshing mango on the street side, riverbanks, or on the beach. Most locals eat the mango hole, tearing the skin with their teeth; others also mix the mangoes with a specialty “sauce” made up of salt, black pepper, and habanero pepper. As a matter of fact, Belizeans take their mangoes so seriously that they have dedicated an entire festival for mangoes in Hopkins, Belize! The annual Mango Festival is held at the start of the mango season usually in the beginning of June. Our sister resort, Belizean Dreams, participates in this annual festival with its own booth complete with an assortment of juicy mangoes, mango smoothies, and games.

    Dates for 2018 Mango Festival: June 2 & 3

  3. Belize Independence Day Celebrations & Carnival carnival-in-belize

    The entire month of September is filled with joyous celebrations as Belizeans around the country honor their independence marked on September 21, 1981. Patriotism is at an all time high as you can expect to see streets, houses, and businesses all decorated in red, white, and blue colors with Belizeans proudly waving their flags. It is not uncommon to witness block parties, national pageants, and children’s parade through the street. One pageant in particular, the Queen of the Bay National Pageant, dates back to 1946 when Belize was still a British commonwealth nation. This pageant is held every year on the September 10th national holiday that commemorates Belize’s original independence from Spain at the Battle of St. George’s Caye in 1738. It is rooted in tradition and each year hosts a specific national theme unique to Belize. Coco Plum Island Resort and Belizean Dreams Resort are proud community sponsors of the past two Queen of the Bay winners reigning from Dangriga. The culmination of September celebrations ends with the Carnival March in Belize City as parades line the entire city with participants dressed in colorful Caribbean colors dancing through the streets!

    St. George’s Caye Day 2018: September 10

    Independence Day: September 21

  4. Garifuna Settlement Day garifuna-settlement-day-belize

    Garifuna Settlement Day is a Belizean national holiday held on November 19th of each year commemorating the arrival of the Garifuna people to Belize in the early 1800’s after being exiled from the neighboring Caribbean islands. Regarded as a mixture of African slaves and Arawak Indians, the Garifuna people make up a special part of Belize’s population. Towns like Dangriga and Hopkins are the hubs of the cultural celebration throughout the month of November. Imagine witnessing scenes of drumming, dancing, and local street food as you excitedly learn about this rich culture. On the eve of November 19th, the streets close down for an all night party. Residents wait for the arrival of the yurumei in the early morning as local Garifuna people reenact the original arrival along the shores of Belize in wooden canoes. It’s truly a sight to behold! The actual day of November 19th ends with a parade in Dangriga Town. In the past, Coco Plum Island & Belizean Dreams has had its own float for employees to take part in the festivities! You too can partake in the activities as Coco Plum Island will be offering live drumming and dancing weekly on every Monday in November.

    Garifuna Cultural Festival at Coco Plum: November 5, 12, 19, and 26

  5. Jankunu Christmas Festival  Jankun Festival in Belize

    Christmas in Belize is rooted in various cultural and religious traditions. Specifically, in Dangriga Town locals gather around the streets to witness the Jankunu or “John Canoe” dancing acompanied with Garifuna drumming. This colorful masquerade dance is actually a warrior dance where the males are outfitted in pink masks and head wraps, white clothing, and seashells below the knees that shake artfully with each movement. This dance is a careful act that represents the Garifuna resistance to slavery with a special meaning behind each movement. Today, Dangriga is home to the annual Jankunu Festival hosted at the Ecumenical High School where senior Jankunu groups compete against each other. Each group practices the routine for several days and always gives a memorable performance. All Belizeans look forward to the festive cheer the Christmas season brings!

    The Jankunu Festival usually occurs after Christmas each year.

    So, what are you waiting for? Book your flight and head down to Belize to experience one of our many festivals!

    Warm Regards,

    Coco Plum Bloggers

    Call or email our Reservations office today!


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Meet the Honorary Mayors of Coco Plum Island Interviewed by Guest, Kris R.

My husband and I visited Coco Plum (CP) for the first time in 2016. This was also the first time we heard the island had, not one, but two honorary mayors. Their names wafted through the conversations of guests and staff alike, accompanied by tones of reverence, a bit of awe, and always delight. There’s been an air of mystique surrounding them since we first heard of them. This dynamic duo has enjoyed the wonders of Coco Plum Island Resort 14 (yes, that’s right, f-o-u-r-t-e-e-n) times. Can you imagine taking a vacation only to return to the island almost every year after?

On our third trip to CP in February we struck gold. Oh, for joy, Mr. and Mrs. Mayor were there too, and what fun we had! Their reputations had proceeded them, and they did not disappoint. They were fun, warm, vivacious, charming, and hospitable. Meeting the famed couple was a highlight of our trip. I sat down with them at the Overwater Villa to ask the mayors a few questions with CP blog readers in mind.

Meet Bonnie and Sam Ellerbee. They hail from the great state of Georgia and both have that wonderful southern accent as a result. Bonnie is a retired school teacher and principal of 33 years and Sam, also retired, wrapped up his career working as a Land and Legal Rights Advisor for Georgia Transmission. In addition to Belize, they have traveled to Alaska, Norway, South Africa, Ireland, Germany, Budapest, Scotland, England, US Virgin Islands, Aruba, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and have been on many Caribbean cruises.

Their first trip to Belize was in 2007. Sam had wanted to explore Belize for quite some time but traveling to the country from the US was difficult then. When a helicopter pilot friend of his told him new flights had just recently become available, Bonnie hopped online to do a search, and Coco Plum was the first resort to appear. Here’s what they had to say about Coco Plum:

Tell me about the first time you came to Coco Plum Island. What did it look like then and what were your first impressions?

Bonnie: I remember saying to Sam ‘There’s no way this place is as pretty as it looks on the internet’, but when we arrived it was not only as pretty as it was online, it was even better.

As far as what we saw … there were just 7 cabanas back then. The dock was long and straight with just one palapa. All the rest of the island was undeveloped. The dining and bar area were there but looked far different than they do currently. Bird island was three times as large as it is now. The water was just as beautiful then … that hasn’t changed at all. As for greeting you, they didn’t do quite as much then as they do these days, but they’ve always made you feel like royalty when you step off the boat.

Sam: My first memory was the waist high water that was so clear and clean, and of looking over the side of the boat at all the star fish.

Bonnie: Before the island was fully developed, they used to do bonfires at the end of the island. Those are some good memories too.


What keeps you coming back year after year?

Sam: The people.

Bonnie: We travel to a lot of other places, but this is really the only one we keep coming back to, and it really is the people.

Is it also the culture?

Sam: Yes, we have enjoyed going inland and attending some of the soccer games, visiting Placencia and Dangriga, and spending time with staff on their days off.

Bonnie: The staff treats you like family and they include you in some of the things that they do as a family.

Sam: In fact, on our refrigerator we have pictures of our Belizean Family along with the photos of our own family.

Bonnie: Speaking of the culture, one of first impressions was what I perceived as poverty when we went inland to explore the jungles and to do some of the excursions. But I don’t see that poverty anymore, or rather, I don’t see it as poverty. These people are, as a whole, very happy people. They do not have many material things or some of the financial advantages that many Americans have, but they have everything that is needed in life and they are happy people. They have their priorities right.

I love it! They live up to their slogan. You truly are only a stranger until you arrive.


What are some of your favorite activities here?

Sam: I really enjoy the cave tubing … and the soccer matches when we’ve gone to the mainland. We’ve also enjoyed the starfish and hermit crab races over the years!

Bonnie: Meeting other island guests. We’ve met some wonderful people here … people I’ll never forget. I enjoy the snorkeling too. I love being in the water.

What advice can you offer to CP Blog readers coming here for the first time?

Bonnie: Explore! Don’t sit at the bar all day. Go out and visit the neighboring islands. Snorkel, take pictures, collect shells, go kayaking, and paddle boarding and see what’s here. If you’re lucky, like I was, you’ll get to swim with a manatee.

Sam: Enjoy the water! Even if you don’t swim, the water is so warm and shallow that you can walk to the other island to the south and explore it. Grab a fishing pole and fish off the dock. Bring some great books and RELAX.

Finally, to wrap this up, here’s what Bas and Michelle Zabaneh, owners of Coco Plum Island Resort, had to say about Coco Plum’s honorary mayors:

“Over the years, the Ellerbee’s have truly become family. When we first started Coco Plum with only three cabanas it was so easy to get to know each and every guest. As we’ve grown, we take such pleasure in meeting a few of our travelers. The Ellerbee’s are a true testament to what Coco Plum is all about – arriving as strangers and leaving as family.”

One last bit of advice from me … do be sure to enjoy the other guests on the island. Take a minute and introduce yourself. You never know what adventures you’ll have together, and you might just make a friend for life.


Blessings fellow travelers,
~ Kris

Call or email the Reservations office today to book your Belize all inclusive vacation package!


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Ready to Book Your Stay at One of the Top Small Hotels in the World?

Every day, millions of travelers from around the world share thousands of hotel reviews on TripAdvisor. Regarded as the world’s largest travel site, TripAdvisor enables travelers to share candid and trustworthy feedback on a huge selection of hotels in all regions of the world. Each year, TripAdvisor analyzes these reviews to name the very best hotels rated highly by travelers in several categories including, but not limited to, Best Hotels, Best Small Hotels, Best Hotels for Romance, and Best Hotels for Service.


Each year, Coco Plum looks forward to these awards as a true testament of our dedication and success in the hospitality industry. It is the exceptional customer service, genuine Belizean hospitality, and world class amenities & offerings that has earned us the honor of being awarded a 2018 Traveler’s Choice Award for the 8th year in a row. We are grateful and appreciative to all our wonderful guests for sharing their inspiring stories. As a result, Coco Plum Island Resort is the #1 Hotel in Belize in the categories of the Best Small Hotels, Romance, and Service. We also won in the category of Top Small Hotels in the WORLD!

For the third time, we have been named the Most Romantic Hotel in Belize. There you go! Our little slice of heaven on earth is the most favorable romantic destination. We like to think that our private island escape was founded on the basis of romance. Owners, Emilio & Michelle, were newlyweds themselves when they began developing Coco Plum almost 20 years ago with a dream of creating an adult only, romantic oasis. Whether you are getting ready to tie the knot or simply rekindle the love from a hectic spell of wedding activities, Coco Plum Island Resort is a great place for a relaxing, tropical romance for you and your partner. Culturally diverse and with endless adventurous things to do, your experience will be unlike any other trip that you’ve experienced.


We are truly excited and honored to have been recognized, yet again, as the #1 Hotel for Best Service in Belize. For us at Coco Plum, this award is a true indicator of the effortless and premium personalized customer service that our guests receive from their island family. We are immensely proud of our extraordinary team members!


To put the icing on the cake, Coco Plum is officially named the #1 Best Small Hotel in Belize and the #4 Small Hotel in the WORLD. The Small Hotel category is made up of boutique-style properties with a limited number of rooms. Coco Plum Island Resort is an all inclusive 16-acre private island resort comprised of 18 standalone oceanfront cabanas and one three bedroom / three bath overwater villa. Our intimate size allows for an exclusive private island experience — you will feel as if you have the entire island to yourselves.


With great humility we are not only #1 in Belize, but have taken several top spots throughout Central America & in the World! In fact, Coco Plum Island Resort is the only hotel ranked in the World categories from Belize!

TripAdvisor Romance Awards:

#1 of Top 10 Hotels for Romance in Belize
#2 of Top 25 Hotels for Romance in Central America
#7 of Top 25 Hotels for Romance in the World

TripAdvisor Best Service Awards:

#1 of Top 10 Hotels for Service in Belize
#1 of Top 25 Hotels for Service in Central America
#9 of Top 25 Hotels for Service in the World

Trip Advisor Best Small Hotel Awards:

#1 of Top 10 Best Small Hotels in Belize
#1 of Top 25 Best Small Hotels in Central America
#4 of Top 25 Best Small Hotels in the World

With such momentous rankings, Coco Plum Island Resort is without a doubt the perfect getaway! As a locally owned & managed resort, this global recognition means so much to us. To our Coco Plum Family, we are exceedingly thankful to you for your continuous and incomparable contribution in making these rankings possible. You did it again — even bigger and better! Thank-you for the excellent ratings through Trip Advisor.

Experience it for yourself & book your vacation now! And for our Coco Plum families remember that all return guests are entitled to 10% off your stay.

Warm Regards,

Coco Plum Bloggers

Call or email our Reservations office today to book your Belize all inclusive vacation package!










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