Seven Reasons Why We are In Love with Coco Plum Island Resort

The fact that guests have an unBELIZEable vacation with us and decide to return year after year fills us with great pride. We are honored to share this guest blog post by Kris Rocha who is already booked for her & her husband’s third trip in March 2018. Happy reading!


7) “Welcome to Coco Plum Island”

Say that in your best Mr. Roarke voice and subconsciously replace “Coco Plum” with “Fantasy,” because that’s what it feels like from the time you first step off the boat until the time you leave. As you arrive, a smiling staff member waits to greet you with cool towelettes, the famous mosquito bite adult drink and your name already committed to memory. From there, your luggage is whisked away to your cabana and you are told “You’re on vacation now! We’ll take care of everything for you from here on out.” If you do offer to help, it is graciously declined. If you’re like me, you might tear up a bit as your mind tries to reconcile what your eyes are seeing and you may wonder “is this real?” Good news – IT IS!


6) Your New Home Sweet Home!

From the bright, Caribbean colored oceanfront cabanas, to the appealing furnishings, to the luxurious bedding (seriously – I asked the staff what brand it was and bought some for my house!), your new vacation home will feel like home. Comfortable, relaxing, well-appointed, thoughtfully designed and just, ahhhh …. Not to mention the awe-inspiring ocean views from your own private veranda.


5) R&R … The Dream is Real

Having never traveled to a tropical locale prior to Coco Plum, my hard-working husband’s dream vacation was/is what he calls, “The Corona Moment Commercial.” The Corona moment is defined by a deserted white sand beach, two chairs, an adult beverage, lapping waves and unreal aqua water (we’ll get to that in a moment). This is precisely what Coco Plum epitomizes! There are no TVs on the island, WIFI is intermittent and there are only 18 cabanas on the 16-acre, adult-only oasis. Say hello to your “Corona Moment.” You deserve it!


4) The Dining Experience Will Ruin Your Favorite Restaurant Forever

Most of the food is freshly caught and locally sourced – much of it is actually grown right on the owner’s farm! The menu consists of a superb mix of Belizean and American foods. The home cooked delights are delicious, varied, bountiful (just ask for more) and completely satisfying, not to mention aesthetically pleasing. A recent text message from new friends of ours made on the island says it best – “We stopped at our favorite Mexican restaurant on the way home, and man has that place gone downhill since we left (5 days ago). They didn’t know our names, they didn’t know what our favorite drinks were, and we even had to order from a menu. To top it all off, they actually made us pay for the meal! Scratch that place off the list …” – Steve. S.


3) Would You Like to Watch the Sunset? Or the Sunrise? Or Both? 

We looooooove sunsets, but in our neighborhood, we’re sun-blocked by buildings and trees. So, we were delighted to find that on Coco Plum Island, you can watch both the sunrise AND the sunset! Oh, for joy! Sometimes the little things aren’t so little.


2) That Aqua Water

The pictures don’t do it justice. In fact, more than half way into our first visit to Coco Plum, I finally said of the view, “This is Photo-shopped. It’s GOT to be Photo-shopped.” You’ve just never seen water so aqua, or sunsets so intense or sand so white. It’s almost literally stunning. Soak it up when you’re there. It’s magic.


1.) Their Slogan 

Coco Plum’s slogan is “You’re only a stranger until you arrive” and they’re not kidding even a little bit. The number one reason my husband and I keep coming back to Coco Plum is because of the island owners and staff. If it’s true that “actions speak louder than words” then you may want to pack some heavy-duty earplugs for your trip, because the sincere care you’ll experience and friendships you’ll form there speak loud and clear: These people truly love their guests. I can’t say it better than the conclusion of my first Trip Advisor review:

You know when you’re getting ready to leave from a vacation and you go to hug the staff goodbye (have you ever hugged staff goodbye?) and you unexpectedly burst into tears because somehow, magically, they’ve buried themselves into your heart and become more than wonderful people who showed you a good time, more than friends – somehow they’ve become your extended family? No? Never happened to you? Me either … until now. Is it the culture? Something in the water? I must give credit to Belize and the hiring practices of Coco Plum for this. They are seriously stellar people. They started as ‘staff’ and ended as family. I don’t know how, but it happened and we felt like we were leaving our family behind and part of our hearts with them.

And so, this is why we’ve already rebooked for our 3rd trip next year. Yes, the island is gorgeous, the food is fantastic and the air is rejuvenating. Yes, you’ll relax and sleep like a baby and get a nice tan and see some amazing things you’ve never seen before. But it’s the people we can’t wait to get back to. It’s the people we love and miss. San Francisco? NO. We left our hearts in Belize on Coco Plum Island Resort.

In conclusion, welcome to Fantasy … Coco Plum Island! It’s even better than what you’ve been dreaming of.

Blessings, fellow traveler,

~ Kris Rocha

Now that you’ve heard it from a fellow traveler like yourself, we invite you to contact us directly and join us in paradise! Our best rates of the summer run from August through September and we’re offering 10% off all inclusive packages stays. No stress – just reserve your cabana and everything else is included!

Warm Regards,

Coco Plum Bloggers

Call or email our Reservations office today!





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Belize Group Vacation Deal at Coco Plum Island Resort

Summertime is upon us. Who isn’t craving a bit of fun in the sun? Wouldn’t it be amazing to plan an island escape with a group of family & friends? Well, here at Coco Plum Island Resort, flip flops, sunscreen, a swimsuit or two plus a handful of close friends are just a few of the essentials needed to enjoy a warm summer day. With as little as ten people travelling together to Coco Plum, your group can take advantage of our Belize group vacation deals.

A group vacation at Coco Plum with your closets friends and family is a great way to enjoy all that we have to offer. Create memories of a lifetime as your entire crew enjoys the privacy and comfort of our 16-acre Belize private island. With only 18 standalone oceanfront accommodations, an overwater restaurant & bar, and exciting tours, Coco Plum is an ideal group vacation destination!



Whether it’s a dream wedding, couples getaway, or special event, group vacations are made easy with Coco Plum’s special Group Rate Discount. And now, our end of summer 10% off special allows groups to get even more bang for their buck! Once you’ve got your group together and are ready to book the vacation of a lifetime, the booking process is easy. Simply choose a group name to use as your code (for each reservation?) – this way our reservations office knows to apply your discount. Then, guests can choose any of our many Belize all inclusive packages – so there is no obligation for the entire group to do the same package. For those in your group who just want to sunbathe, swim, and relax with a cool drink in our comfortable beach beds, they can take advantage of our Just Chilin’ package. Our All Inclusive, Fishing, and Diving packages are all great choices for those who are seeking a more customized adventure during their stay. And of course, our Honeymoon/Lovers’ Getaway package is perfect for those couples who are coming to rekindle their flame, with a little adventure on the side.

What’s even better is that we have customized our current Summer Lovin’ Special for our group vacationers! For new group vacations (of 5 couples/cabanas or more), each couple or cabana can get a 15% discount on their reservation! Our Summer Lovin’ Special surely is all love! So hurry to gather your friends and family members to take advantage of this knock out deal, which is valid for all new reservations for August and September stays.


Email us directly at and let us help you plan your private island getaway!

Warm Regards,

Coco Plum Bloggers

Call or email our Reservations office today!



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Tips For The Perfect Honeymoon by Honeyfund

Guest post by: Wendy Dessler

Today’s brides and grooms are mature, educated, and unique couples. In past decades, couples often went from their mother’s home directly into a marriage. We no longer hang up our high school cheerleading uniform and slip into our grandmother’s wedding gown.

Today’s bride and groom are usually in their late 20’s. They have graduated college and begun a career. They have lived on their own for a while and have taken the time to get to know each other before making a life long commitment.

When the modern couple designs a wedding, they know what they want and they work hard and spend a lot of time and money to create it. While their parents may (or may not) help them financially with their wedding, they certainly will contribute.

And this all-important day will be followed by a honeymoon vacation they have dreamed of most of their lives. This is a dream they cherish and want to share with all those they love. Their friends and family are anxious to celebrate with them and send them on their journey as a family in style.

Honeymoon Dreams

To many couples, the honeymoon is the most important part of the wedding plans. This is the first journey they will take as a husband and wife.

This is the beginning of a life together and they want their first memory to be breathtaking. Some couples are forced to omit their dream honeymoon due to the expenses of the wedding. This is how Crowdfunding began.

Friends and family expect to purchase a wedding gift for the new couple. They are often frustrated because it is difficult to buy something they know the couple wants or needs and that several other family members do not purchase the same gift.

Store registries helped in some ways, but they are not easy to set up and they often do not allow enough choice for the guests. Sure, the couple may list a serving spoon that matches their set and cost $50.00, but few guests want to hand a bride a gift box containing a serving spoon. Fortunately, registries have evolved.


The options for weddings are endless. Whether they want a formal cathedral wedding or a destination wedding in a paradise like a Belize beach wedding, it is easily obtainable. If you are dreaming about the perfect Caribbean destination wedding and would like to have it at the most romantic place you can think of, then look no further than TripAdvisor’s most romantic resort in Belize, Coco Plum Island Resort! 

And while the type of wedding is a major factor in the expense, there is no such thing as a low-cost wedding. The challenges of the modern couple having the wedding of their dreams is what gave birth to the latest trend in wedding gifting.

Crowdfunding is a way to set up an easy to use, online service which provides an avenue for guests to contribute to this special event in your life. Plumfund is one of the most popular crowdfunding sites. There is no fee to your guests. You set up your account to show what you would like. Instead of (or along with) traditional store registries, you can set-up items like airline tickets, hotel rooms, dinners at particular places, and activities you would like to do while on your honeymoon. Your guests can purchase all or a portion of a particular item. This allows several guests to pool their resources to provide you with exactly what you want. It is easy and does not cost your guests any fees.

Non-conventional gifts

Because more couples are established before getting married, they do not need the traditional gifts like toasters, dishes, and towels. As young adults, they probably have student loans and other debt that must be paid off. They may be saving for a downpayment on a house, or a remodel.

This couple may opt to create a Honeyfund or Plumfund account to assist them in these milestones instead of asking for a honeymoon.

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event. You will never again be at this moment in time again. No matter what style wedding the couple wants and no matter where they begin their journey your wedding day and your honeymoon is unique and for you alone.

Allowing friends and family to participate in making these dreams a reality is a precious and bonding experience. The smartest and easiest way to help them and yourself is with crowdfunding.


Experience your dream destination wedding & honeymoon at Belize’s premier private island, Coco Plum Island Resort!

Author Bio: 

Wendy Dessler. Title: Super-Connector at OutreachMama Wendy is a super-connector with OutreachMama and Youth Noise NJ who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition. You can contact her on Twitter.

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Suggested Itinerary: How to Make the Most of a Week in Belize

From exploring the scenic jungle wildlife to escaping to your very own private island we invite you to experience the Best of Belize in 7 nights / 8 days!

You’ve heard of all the wonderful things Belize has to offer – the second largest barrier reef in the world, white sandy beaches, turquoise-azure water, a pristine tropical jungle, and our warm and friendly people. You’re thinking to yourself: “How can I fit all of these wonderful beach and jungle activities into my one week vacation in Belize?” We’re here to tell you that it is possible to see the Best of Belize in just a week with our newest all inclusive package: the Inland & Private Island Package. And the good news is that this all inclusive package includes everything from local transportation, meals & local alcoholic beverages, accommodations, and exciting tours!


This package is one of the most unique in Belize as it includes accommodations at two of Belize’s premier resorts: Coco Plum Island & Belizean Dreams. We’re not kidding, both resorts were named the #1 and #2 Best Small Hotels in Belize in 2016 and the #1 and #2 Best Hotels for Romance in 2017 by TripAdvisor. Both resorts have also been recognized for superior service throughout Belize and Central America. Apart from that, these resorts are actually sister properties and are owned and managed by Belizeans who are proud to showcase their beautiful country in every way possible – whether that be through charming suites, adrenaline pumping tours, or the service and hospitality of our Belizean staff members.

Here’s a breakdown of all you can see with our 7 Night / 8 Day Inland & Island All Inclusive Package.

Day 1: Arrive in Belize on Monday


Arrive at the Philip Goldson International Airport (BZE) in Belize City. Leave your worries behind as our Inland & Island Package includes ALL local transfers. The adventure begins as you will take a small, puddle jumper flight on Maya Island Air. Enjoy the views from above on your 20-minute flight to Southern Belize. From there, our drivers will take you to Belizean Dreams Resort.

Day 2: Cultural Exploration on Tuesday


Get settled into your beautiful beachfront resort on Tuesday. Lounge in the comfort of your elegant villa and sip a drink at our famous beach tiki bar. Spend the rest of the day exploring the cultural hub of Hopkins Village and enjoy the scenic views and service at Belizean Dreams Resort.

Day 3: Xunantunich Maya Temple on Wednesday


Take a tour of the Xunantunich Maya Ruin. This fascinating pyramid boasts several plazas and a large selection of classic stelae. Those ambitious enough to hike the top of El Castillo, the tallest structure on site, will be rewarded with panoramic views of both Belize and Guatemala.

Day 4: Mayflower Waterfall Hike on Thursday


Located in the Mayflower Bocawina National Park, less than 15 miles from Belizean Dreams Resort, our friendly guides will lead you to a pristine hike through the Belize jungle to the top of this magnificent waterfall. Reward yourself with a swim once you’ve reached the top!

Day 5: Snorkeling & Island Hopping on Friday. Check in at Coco Plum Island Resort.


Your adventure begins as you explore the Belize Barrier Reef. Yes! You can check this off your bucket list as you snorkel among the wide array of fish, rays, turtles, and coral. Spend your first night on your very own private island at Coco Plum.

Day 6: Snorkeling & Island Activities on Saturday


Spend the day exploring our unique private island. Take the kayaks, SUP’s, or hobie cat (all of which is complimentary) as you adventure through the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. Enjoy a second snorkeling trip to various spots along the Belize Barrier Reef where you are sure to see something different every time!

Day 7: Unwind and Relax on Sunday


Spend your day relaxing on your newfound island home with a tropical drink or Belikin beer in hand. Take in the views from one of our many hammocks or beach beds as you are literally surrounded by different shades of blue.

Day 8: Depart on Saturday

Although we will be sad to see you go, we know you’ll have left Belize with the perfect weeklong itinerary fitting in all the must-see and do attractions in Belize. From hiking 1,000 ft. waterfalls to snorkeling along the Belize Barrier Reef, you will surely have the vacation of a lifetime.

What’s so fun and unique about this package, is that you can get a different set of tours based on what resort you go to first and what day of the week you check-in. Let’s say that upon your arrival on Saturday you check-in at Coco Plum Island Resort for 3 nights. Enjoy snorkeling on Monday and Tuesday and end your Tuesday at Belizean Dreams Resort. On Wednesday travel inland to the Xunantunich Maya temple. On Thursday you can go hiking to the Mayflower Waterfall. Spend the day relaxing and exploring Hopkins on Friday. Then off you go on Saturday back to the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Our Inland and Island Package can be customized to suite your needs so contact us today to book an unforgettable vacation and enjoy the best that Belize has to offer!  

Warm Regards,

Coco Plum Bloggers

Call or email our Reservations office today!



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Vote for Coco Plum In the 2017 World Travel Awards-plum-world-travis-awards

Vote for Coco Plum In the 2017 World Travel Awards

Mexico & Central America’s Most Romantic Resort

Coco Plum Island Resort is proud to be nominated as Mexico & Central America’s Most Romantic Resort in the 2017 World Travel Awards. This is the first time Coco Plum has been nominated and we are so excited to share the news!


Established in 1993, the World Travel Awards rewards excellence in various organizations throughout the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries. These awards are some of the most prestigious and sought after awards in the industry. After a successful nomination, winners are determined by voters around the world. We ask that you please show your support by casting a vote. Voting begins on March 22, 2017 and ends on July 19, 2017 so there is plenty of time to spread the word.

How to Vote:
  1. Click on the image above or press the following link:
  2. The category for Mexico & Central America’s Most Romantic Resort will appear. Select Coco Plum Island Resort and then scroll down and click “Vote.”
  3. If you are already registered with the World Travel Awards, simply enter your email address and password to login. Click “Submit.”
  4. If you have not registered with the World Travel Awards, please click on the “Register” link and follow the simple instructions to cast your vote for us.
  5. Click on the link sent to the email address you registered with to confirm your registration and then vote here:
  6. Since you have already registered, please vote for our sister resort, Belizean Dreams in the category of Mexico & Central America’s Leading Boutique Resort:
  7. Voting is complete. Thank you!! Be sure to share the link with family & friends.
A Few Things to Note:
  1. A standard vote carries a weighting of one, while votes cast by verified travel professionals carry a weighting of two. To apply for the upgrade, users are required to complete the Travel Industry Voters section on registration and submit a minimum of 10 votes. Verification is at the sole discretion of WTA.
  2. Voting begins on March 22, 2017 and ends on July 19, 2017.

As always thanks for your continued support! Let’s show the World why Coco Plum has the best fans!!

World Travel Awards - Vote for Us!

Warm Regards,

Coco Plum Bloggers

Call or email our Reservations office today!


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Why We Love Belize in the Spring (And You Should, Too!)

Undeniably, there is no “bad time” to visit Belize. Luckily, we are blessed with summerlike weather year round where there is always something to do and see in Belize!

Unlike most other parts of the world, Belize only has two seasons – wet and dry. Our “dry” season is our peak season for visitors who come looking to escape a bleak and dreary Northern winter. Dry season begins in late November (around Thanksgiving) and ends in May. Within our dry season, however, there are three months that are especially the warmest and driest of them all – March, April, and May. That means these months are prime months for all aquatic activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, diving, snorkeling, fishing and so much more!


Winter in your part of the world vs. “Winter” in Belize!

March truly starts off the dry season by inviting strong cool breezes and especially warm sunny days. These pristine conditions are ideal for taking a sunset cruise along the Caribbean Sea or enjoying the complimentary use of our hobie cats as the wind guides your sails. With so much wind, Belizeans also break out their kite building skills, as they create colorful creations that cruise the open blue skies.


The perfect sailing conditions!

April brings clearer skies and warmer days making it the best month for diving and snorkeling fanatics alike. For divers, the greatest adventure of all is diving with whalesharks; these majestic creatures can be seen around the full moons of April and May. Belizeans also get ready to celebrate one of the biggest holidays in Belize, Easter, where traditions remain strong and the fun continues.


Diving along the Belize Barrier Reef!

There is no need to wait until June for a summer vacation, when May begins and ends with the utmost perfect summer conditions. Now that Coco Plum has extended the “low season” rates to start as early as May 1, 2018 rather than later in June, you can begin to book that summer vacay today!


Summer vacation deals at Coco Plum starting as early as May!

The wet season brings short bursts of rain usually in the early mornings and late nights, creating cooler temperatures that Belizeans wait for all year. In addition, this time of the year usually means lower hotel rates throughout Belize. The start of the low season towards the end of May and June mark the time of the year where many tropical foods come into season such as mango, conch, and lobster. Don’t forget to join us at Coco Plum for our third annual Lobster Festival where guests can spend the day hunting for lobster in the Caribbean Sea and return to a feast of lobster delicacies, live music, and fun & games all at no extra cost!

Official dates for the 2018 Lobster Fest as are follows:

JUNE 20, 2018
JUNE 27, 2018
JULY 4, 2018
JULY 11, 2018

Contact us today to book your oceanfront cabana because spots are filling up quickly!

Warm Regards,

Coco Plum Bloggers

Call or email our Reservations office today!




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Coco Plum Island Resort As Seen on HGTV Island Hunters

Stay tuned for an Island Hunters Marathon on Friday, February 17th!

Coco Plum Island Resort was featured on one of HGTV’s newest shows – Island Hunters. It’s the same concept as House Hunters, but instead of houses it highlights exotic private island escapes. In the episode featuring Coco Plum, couple Pamela & Paul are in search of a destination wedding and honeymoon in Belize. Be sure to tune in on Friday, February 17th to see which private island they choose!


The HGTV Island Hunter marathon starts at 12PM Central Time and the episode featuring Coco Plum is scheduled as the second episode airing at 12:30PM. Please check your local listings to confirm time. Schedule/episodes subject to change.

SPOILER ALERT: Of the three Belize private islands, Pamela & Paul choose Coco Plum! They found that our private island paradise was the perfect mix of privacy for their romantic beach wedding with all the amenities of an all inclusive resort.


Coco Plum Island Resort is an adults only all inclusive private island resort. With only 18 oceanfront cabanas and a 3 bedroom / 3 bath overwater villa, Coco Plum is the epitome of romance and seclusion.

Contact us today to book your private island getaway!

Warm Regards,

Coco Plum Bloggers

Call or Email our Reservations office today!






Contact us today to book your private island getaway!

We’ll see you in paradise,

Coco Plum Bloggers

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Romantic Sunset Cruise in Belize

Romantic Sunset Cruise in Belize

Fall in love all over again with our private sunset cruise along the Caribbean Sea.

Trust us when we say there is no better way to celebrate your love than with a blissfully romantic cruise. Watch the Belizean sunset while enjoying an outstanding array of fresh tropical fruit, cheese, and of course – wine! The best part about our sunset cruise is that it is totally private – just you and your honey (and our experienced boat captain) will take in the expansive views as the sun sinks into the horizon of the Maya Mountains.

Sunset in Belize on a private island

Our sunset cruise at Coco Plum is an absolute favorite for couples staying at Coco Plum. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion such as birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, or are simply reconnecting on a lovers’ getaway, this evening cruise is a must-do activity!

Read for yourself:

“If all that wasn’t enough, we were also taken on a sunset cruise on a boat beautifully decorated with flowers, with cheese, crackers, fruit, and a bottle of champagne, driven around by one of our favorite staffers, Robert.”

– TripAdvisor review by @SL2536

Couple enjoying a private sunset cruise at Coco Plum Island Resort

Romantic sunset cruise in Belize

Coco Plum Island Resort is an award-winning Top Hotel for Romance in the Word and is surely the epitome of love. With extra touches like the sunset cruise, couples massage, and private dinner on the overwater docks there are plenty of opportunities to make your stay with us even more memorable. And we’ll surely be soaking in that feeling throughout the entire month of February. Book you Valentine’s Day escape today because there are only a few cabanas available.

Warm Regards,

Coco Plum Bloggers

Call or Email our Reservations office today!



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Trip Advisor 2017 Travelers Choice Awards

Coco Plum Island Resort Named in the TripAdvisor 2017 Travelers’ Choice Awards

It’s the 7th year that Coco Plum Island Resort has been awarded with a Travelers’ Choice Award. Recognized in categories of Best Small Hotels, Best Service, and Most Romantic we are honored and ecstatic to present these rankings. 

TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice

TripAdvisor Travelers’


Trip Advisor ROMANCE Awards:
Top 25 Hotels for Romance in the WORLD (ranked #9)
Top 25 Hotels for Romance in Central America (ranked #2)
# 1 Hotel for Romance in Belize

Coco Plum Island Resort is the Most Romantic Resort in Belize

Yes, that’s right. Coco Plum Island Resort is officially the most Romantic Hotel in Belize! This is the second year in a row that Coco Plum has taken the top honor for Romance in Belize. Destination weddings, engagements, anniversaries, babymoons, honeymoons – you name it, we can assure you that Coco Plum is the ideal private island escape to create everlasting memories with that special someone. Check out our all inclusive honeymoon/romance packages … just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Trip Advisor BEST SERVICE Awards:
Top 25 Hotels for Best Service in Central America (ranked #4)
Top 10 Hotels for Best Service in Belize (ranked #3)

Trip Advisor Travelers' Choice Award for Best Service

This award for service is especially significant to us at it emphasizes what we are all about at Coco Plum – personalized customer service. Our guests arrive to our private island as strangers and leave as family, many of whom return year after year to be greeted by the same amazing staff members. Planning on booking a once in a lifetime vacation? Well remember, you are only a stranger until you arrive ….

Trip Advisor BEST SMALL HOTELS Awards:
Top 25 Small Hotels in Central America (ranked #8)
Top 10 Small Hotels in Belize (ranked #4)

TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Award for Best Small Hotels in Belize

We are one of the few resorts in Belize that is still locally owned & managed so to be ranked in the Top 10 Best Small Hotels in Belize and Central America is a huge accomplishment! Coco Plum has been in operation for over 15 years and each year we strive to offer unparalleled service in an exotic island setting. Well, we must be doing something right! With only 18 oceanfront cabanas, Coco Plum guests are able to practically enjoy the entire 16-acre island to themselves. The Coco Plum team strives to create a transformative experience where guests can be as relaxed or as adventuresome as they wish. Our unique all inclusive packages make it easy for guests to pick and choose from different tours ranging from snorkeling on the Belize Barrier Reef to hiking ancient Maya ruins in Belize’s tropical jungle. These awards are complimented with a feature in the world-renowned travel publication, Travel and Leisure, where Coco Plum Island Resort is named as one of the top All Inclusive Resorts in Belize for 2017.

See the comprehensive list of TripAdvisor awards here and start planning your 2017 vacation today!

What would these awards be without our one-of-a-kind team members who make Coco Plum what it is!?! These awards are for YOU! We cannot thank-you enough and are honored to have you all as team members. As Trip Advisor reviewer, Breanna B. so eloquently states,

“As many have stated before, the people are what really push this place over the top. Our friends at Coco Plum (the staff) are such wonderful, friendly, open, accommodating folks. They truly want to do whatever they can to make your stay as amazing as possible.”

And that’s exactly what makes us look forward to the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards each year because it comes from our guests who have stayed with us and experienced the paradise of Coco Plum for themselves. No award is greater than being recognized by our very own guests! Thank-you for continuously recommending us through your insightful TripAdvisor reviews. For those who’ve stayed with us but haven’t gotten time to share their wonderful review, it’s never too late to share your vacation experience with the world on TripAdvisor.

Contact us directly today and let us help you plan your private island getaway!

We’ll see you in paradise.

Warm Regards,

Coco Plum Bloggers

Call or Email our Reservations office today!


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Belize is off to an Exciting Start in 2017!

Recently named as the 6th “Best Value” destination by Lonely Planet in 2017, Belize is every traveler’s paradise.

In the recent Best in Travel 2017 publication, Lonely Planet boasts about the unique paradox that is Belize complete with diving, snorkeling, and fishing along the Caribbean Sea and exotic wildlife waiting to be uncovered in the pristine jungle rainforest. Geographically, Belize is a nation located in the northern part of Central America and bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the east; this makes Belize an unmatched country that is recognized as both a Central American and Caribbean nation. Here, you can find a distinct blend of cultures ranging from Mestizo, Creole, Mayan, Mennonite, Garifuna, and a mix of all the above! All cultures have their own language, but since Belize was once a British colony, English is the official language making it easy for travelers to navigate our beautiful country.


In addition, Lonely Planet points out that along with Belize’s unique location is its small size. Belize actually has the same landmass as the state of Massachusetts, but with a population of only about 375,000 residents. When traveling to Belize, we encourage travelers to keep and open mind and seek out as many locals as possible. Belizeans are regarded as some of the friendliest people in the world and are more than happy to share parts of their culture and history with tourists. Coco Plum Island Resort is a locally owned and managed resort. Many of our staff members have been with us for years and are proud to show off the Best of Belize. There’s a reason we were named the #2 Best Hotel for Service in Belize!


Best of Belize at Coco Plum Island Resort!

So, now that you’ve learned a bit more about Belize, the next question you’re asking yourself is …

How can I get to Belize?

And there’s more exciting news for Belize in the start of this New Year! 2017 has also brought about new, direct flights from major U.S. cities. Southwest Airlines just announced direct flights from Ft. Lauderdale (FLL) to Belize (BZE). This flight service will commence on June 4th, 2017. This route will also connect eastern U.S. cities such as Baltimore, New York, Washington D.C. Atlanta, Tampa, & Orlando so it will be even easier to get to Belize! Southwest also offers other direct flights to Belize through Houston (Hobby) and limited service flights through Denver (DEN) which will be extended for Summer 2017.

To see a comprehensive list of airline services to Belize click here.


Where should I stay?

Once you’ve gotten your flights booked and scheduled, there is absolutely nothing else to worry about because Coco Plum Island Resort is an all inclusive private island. Send us your flight itinerary and we’ll handle all the details. Our Belize all inclusive honeymoon / lovers’ getaway package includes: local transportation, oceanfront accommodations, all meals and local alcoholic beverages, complimentary use of our water sport equipment, and exciting adventure tours! Just imagine yourself sitting in our hammocks, enjoying the cool breeze with a cocktail in your hand …

We cannot wait to see what else 2017 has in store for Belize & Coco Plum Island Resort.

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